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The perfect dual trumpet horn for your Car or SUV. Simple plug&play DIY Installation.

With a robust and masculine honk, these horns create a far reaching sound which cuts through the urban cacophony and helps you make your way through traffic.

Field tested for the Toyota Hilux, the TE40 Electronic Trumpet Horn from Hella is an ideal plug & play upgrade for your new truck!

In mountainous conditions or when navigating curvy roads with blind turns, this horns acoustic performance is a class apart! Alerting oncoming traffic to your presence and marking your arrival in style!

Rain or shine, your IP65 certified HELLA TE40 horns will brave the elements and go toe for toe with your adventure.

This set of TE40 Trumpet horns mount directly to the stock horn mounting positions on your Hilux truck. A DIY friendly product. Refer product images/demonstration video for clarity.

Bolt-on, Plug-&-Play, Fit-&-Forget.
DIY Friendly.
Frequencies - 1x400Hz + 1x500Hz
Sound - 112 +/- 3 dB (A)
Voltage - 12V
Current Draw ≤ 4.0 A
Wattage - 2x48 W
IP 65 Weather Resistant
Upright Mount Only
ECE R28 Certified
HIL 007.728-981

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